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1. Select Social Media
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2. Add Filters
Add filters to avoid getting unwanted notifications
3. Select notification type
Choose between immediate or scheduled notifications
3. Get Notified
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Input sources
Monitor any of the these social medias

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Monitor any Page on Facebook

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Monitor Instagram hashtags

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Monitor any search term on Twitter

Output sources
Here's where we can notify you

Basecamp 3
Social media notifications in your
Campfire and Message board

Social media notifications in your
Slack channels

Receive social media updates in your

Get hourly or daily notifications
in your email inbox

Focus on mentions that matter
Filter out unwanted mentions and stay in sync with mentions that matters to your company

Follower filters
Filter mentions based on posters reach

Engagement filters
Filter mentions based on retweets, likes, comments or favorites.

Text filters
Include or exclude mentions based on textual content

Word filters
Filter mentions using lists of predefined words

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