Our service helps companies get notified when something happens on social media. We do this by collecting and filtering data from third party APIs. Thus, in order to offer our service we will on the users behalf fetch data from third party APIs
We also collect information about you that relates to the company you're affiliated with and basic contact information for billing and contact purposes. Finally, we also collect information on how you use our service to better understand our customers.

Our partners

In order to provide you with this service, we sometimes need to share your data with third parties. We're only sharing necessary information such as name and email.

  • Stripe: We share your email name and email with Stripe in order to process payments.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Basecamp: If you're using one of our integrations we will collect your username in order to monitor data on your behalf.
  • Google G Suite:
  • We use Google as our email provide. Thus, if you're sending us an email it will be stored on their mailservers.
  • Hetzner: Used to host our virtual private servers. We don't share anything explicitly with Hetzner, but they manage the underlying infrastructure for our databases.
  • Mailgun: If you're using our email integration, we will share your email with Mailgun in order to send you an email.
  • If you send us a direct message through our chat system, may collect your email and any messages you send through their service.

What data we gather

Upon signing up for the service we collect the following information:
  • Email: Used to verify your identity and for billing purposes
  • Full name: Used to verify your identity
  • Company name: Used for billing purposes
  • Encrypted password: In order to identify you, we store your password in one-way encrypted format (it cannot be unencrypted).
  • IP: We store your IP address for purposes of logging and geolocation. We do not correlate your user with your IP.
After signing up, we may store information about the integration that you're using. Specifically, we store the following data:
  • Email integration: If you're using our email integration, we will store any of the emails you add.
  • Facebook integration: If you're using our Facebook integration, we will store your username and a unique token that let's us get publicly available Facebook posts on your behalf. We're not collecting or storing your private posts or messages.
  • Twitter integration: If you're using our Twitter integration, we will store your username and a unique token that let's us get tweets on your behalf. We're not accessing any of your private Twitter data.
  • Instagram integration: If you're using our Instagram integration, we will store your username and a unique token that let's us get publicly available posts on your behalf. We don't have access to any of your private Instagram data.
  • Slack integration: If you're using our Slack integration, we will store your username, a unique token and the name of the channel that you're getting notifications in. We don't have access to the messages posted in that channel, except for those messages where our Slack bot is mentioned explicitly. The unique token is used to authenticate against Slacks APIs and let's us posts messages inside specific Slack channels chosen by the user.
  • Basecamp integration: If you're using our Basecamp integration, we will store your username and a unique token that allows us to authenticate and post on your message board and Campfire.
In addition to the above mentioned data collections, we collect and store those social media posts that have matched any of your filters. Example: If you monitor all tweets containing #copenhagen and that has over 100 retweets, we will collect and store all public social media posts that matches this criteria. This data is stored on your behalf such that we're able to send you daily, weekly or monthly digests.

Your data

If you wish to access, modify or delete your data please send an email to and we will make sure to apply those changes as quickly as possible.

How we use this data

Collecting data helps us understand your preferences and keeping you updated on important services. Specifically, we may use your data for:

  • To contact you in response to a specific enquiry
  • To improve our own products and services we provide
  • For our internal records
  • To customize the website to you
  • To send you emails notifying you about changes, updates or outages on our services or your account

Cookies and how we use them

We may use cookies to analyze web traffic on our site, identify whether you are signed in to our site, recognize when you return to our site and persist this information as your preferences. If you don't want us to save cookies on your computer you can opt out by disabling this functionality in your browser.


We treat your data and social media content as private to you and your company.
To prevent unauthorized disclosure or access to your information, we have implemented a strong security layer on our backend. Furthermore, all our client credentials are strongly encrypted and is placed in an US-EU Safe Harbor complaint environment.

About this page

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. The latest version is published on this page (Updated: 22-05-2018). Any questions regarding the policy can be directed to IVS - Finsensvej 5A, 3. MF, Copenhagen, Denmark